Do Your Point of Purchase Displays “ATTRACT” Customers?

Leslie Barton


In a competitive retail environment, creative use of point of purchase displays can set you apart from the dull roar of conventional installations. Manufacturers are now exploring everything from sampling to interactive and LED displays. But it’s not just about wowing the consumer with interactive features and product samples—your display must motivate a shopper to buy your product.

As you consider the display format and design, get inside the head of your target audience. What is the in-store experience like for them? What competing messages must you combat?

All point-of-purchase displays, from traditional to wow, must “ATTRACT.”

Activate your audience – A display will fail if it doesn’t spur action—specifically, a purchase behavior.

Tell a complete story – “Tell it all; tell it now” is common PR wisdom, but it applies to your display as well. Your message must be both complete and compelling.T

Take attention away from the competition – Understanding the environment in which your audience will be seeing your display can help ensure that your format, creative, and copy effectively stands out from the competition.

Resonate with your target audience – Creative POP displays offer unique and effective visual experiences that stand out from more traditional shelf-mounted or hanging poster displays.

Assemble with a minimum amount of fuss – You need to ensure that those who will be setting up the display can do so quickly, conveniently and without fear of damaging the materials.

Convey key product benefits quickly and clearly – That’s most effectively done through a combination of graphics and copy, of course. But avoid telling your audience what they likely already know. Here’s where you need to provide unique and relevant points to spur action.

Transform casual interest into action – What do you want your audience to do next? Scan a QR code? Fill out a form? Put a product into their cart? Be specific in your call to action.

A typical POP campaign can involve hundreds or even thousands of locations. Variations in store size, demographics, usage volume and more may affect which display elements and how many should ship to each site. Manually placing, modifying and tracking orders to ensure that each location gets the right items in the right configurations and numbers can consume a great deal of budget and staff time.

Given the amount of time and money you devote to developing an effective point of purchase campaign, it only makes sense to hire an experienced fulfillment services partner to make sure your displays are delivered quickly and accurately. Whether you’re shipping to 500 or 5,000 locations, you need a partner that can assemble display kits, package and ship them in the most cost-efficient way to ensure timely delivery and in good condition.

In addition to maintaining store profiles to facilitate ordering, the right fulfillment partner should offer:

  • Design-on-demand capabilities to produce customized literature and other signage to accompany kits and displays, and
  • Digital printing to support rush print order and accommodate store variations and localized offers.

For more information on how Iron Mountain can help you save time, money, and effort with your point of purchase displays you can contact us, schedule an online demo or take a virtual tour.


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