Got Paper? Get Print Management

Leslie Barton


Many decades ago, futurists told us the 21st century would bring flying cars and a paperless society. Are we there yet? Not by a long shot.

Putting flying cars aside for the moment, let’s look at the reality of print management in the business arena.

Not only are printed communications NOT dead, they’re thriving. So much so that larger companies typically spend one to three percent of their total operating budgets on creating, producing and distributing print communications. Their average spend is a whopping $6.3 million a year.

While your company may not spend nearly that much, wouldn’t you like to gain better control over your print-related expenses? If so, consider outsourcing your print management to a qualified third party.

And, if you’re looking for maximum control and convenience, look for a solution that offers end-to-end management, from creation through distribution. Iron Mountain’s Total Print Management, for example, includes creative support, customization, procurement, production and post-production inventory management and fulfillment.

Total Print Management: What’s in it for you?

For most businesses, print production is a critical necessity, but not a core business function. That means they devote time, staff and money to responsibilities that don’t directly contribute to their bottom line.

Outsourcing your print management to Iron Mountain offers a number of benefits that are worth serious consideration. Our solution:

  1. Saves you money by identifying the right quantities to print and the right methods to produce them.
  2. Gets your materials to your audiences faster, because our online inventory management system tracks your usage data and inventory levels, and projects ideal reorder points and quantities. That means your materials are always in stock when you need them.
  3. Increases your productivity by freeing your staff to focus on core business responsibilities.

Equally important, you have the convenience of one point of contact and accountability for all of your print production and distribution needs.

The Bottom Line

Like flying cars, the paperless society remains a dream that may only be achieved in some far-distant future. In the meantime, your company’s print-related expenditures could be eating up valuable budget that would be more productive if spent elsewhere.

So, here’s the long and short of it:

  • The sooner you implement a comprehensive print program, the sooner you can be putting more capital to work on growing your business, and
  • By consolidating print and fulfillment with Iron Mountain, you’ll get a turnkey solution that delivers the quality materials you need, on time and at a competitive price, while freeing your staff to focus on their core responsibilities.

Want more on information on our Total Print Management solution? Download our data sheet or contact Iron Mountain today.


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