Join the ranks of Health IT professionals standing up to #makeHITcount every day!

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Imagine a seamlessappointment with your health provider:

  • Even with a last-minute appointment or emergency situation, they have your medical records on-hand, whether you are an existing patient or a referral. They know your medical history. You’re confident in their abilities.
  • You feel assured knowing that your information privacy is their priority, and your heath data is retained in a safe and secure manner privacy is .
  • You don’t need to provide additional background information like medication history. You can update this information online, and know that they have the most recent data, to offer you the best care.
  • , Your provider is engaged in your health and wellness; they are able to send you reminders to your personal device and keep you updated on new appointments.

This isn’t invisible, simplistic or inconsequential work though, this is Health IT. Every day, Health IT professionals are helping patients, doctors and communities with their work, but many of these professionals and their contributions remain behind the scenes. Helping to provide better and more efficient care at a good value, Health IT heroes make a measurable and astounding difference. This year, as 40,000 of the greatest minds in Health IT come together at HIMSS ’17, we want to know what you do to make HIT count and why HIT matters to you.

Throughout HIMSS ’17, we are challenging you to tell the Health IT community how you or your colleagues #makeHITcount every day.

How can you get involved?

  • Share your story of why it’s important to #makeHITcount now more than ever
  • Share your story of how you #makeHITcount in your job role
  • Share your story of how health IT can #makeHITcount for clinicians or patients
  • Share your Health IT Hero, the person who inspires you to #makeHITcount
  • Challenge others to tell you how they #makeHITcount

Posting with #makeHITcount will add you to a mosaic that will be on the landing page and on-screen at our booth at HIMSS ’17 to symbolize how we are all – truly – in this Health IT effort together for a good cause.

Join the pledge to #makeHITcount. Share your story, thought or prediction about how you and others make a difference in Health IT with a tweet, FB, LI or Insta post and let’s #makeHITcount together. Stop by our booth 5453 at #HIMSS17 for a special treat on us.


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