Security Limitations of SSDs

Brooks Hoffman


According to market research firm TrendFocus, shipments of solid state drives (“SSD’s”) in first quarter of 2017 totaled nearly 40 million units. In addition, Gartner predicts that the number of notebooks built to use SSD’s is on pace to surpass the 50 percent adoption rate between 2017-2018.  Storing data on SSD’s is not without its challenges, however.  With increasing customer demands for data privacy and the enforcement of stringent data security regulations, organizations cannot afford to use ineffective data sanitization methods and tools  The key is to understand which data sanitization methods are effective – and which are not – to ensure data isn’t left exposed and accessible to a potential data breach.

Blancco Technology Group recently conducted a research study in order to understand the data security challenges and limitations organizations face with data storage and management of SSD’s.  Over 300 IT professionals in the United States, Canada,

Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Indian, Japan and China completed the survey.  Respondents came from businesses in the retail, healthcare, transportation, banking/financial, government/public sector and education industries.

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