Singapore’s Green High-Rise Data Center Plans

Greg Schulz


For anybody who’s ever been to Singapore, you know about the heat along with humidity and one of the worst things heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) systems have to deal with are heat and humidity. The higher the humidity, the more costly to air condition which explains why air conditioning while expensive, is not as difficult to do in a dry desert than the tropical equator. Likewise for anybody who has been to Singapore or simply seen pictures of the island nation, you will note the high rise builds as natural and man-made reclaimed land are at a premium. However what you would also note is the large number of ships and shipping containers given Singapore’s role as a prominent port in the world.

So why build up when you can build out, why not build islands of floating data centers that can be tied up in ports or elsewhere as data centers? Sure having ships function as data centers might seem as far-fetched as movies that use oil tankers as floating prisons or other ideas, and sure, there are real world mini data centers are on oil and energy exploration platforms. However, exploring modular data centers based on ships, old oil platforms or other ideas out of the box lower, closer to land then higher up in the sun should be no crazier than building up high into the bright sun and storm clouds. Read more here.

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