Tips for Easier Electronics Recycling

Peter Lorenco


I’m not sure if you’re a fan of New Year’s resolutions, but pausing every so often to take the time to review habits seems prudent. When January rolls around, many of us reaffirm our commitment to clear out old stuff; to donate, sell or recycle all the clothes, household items and gadgets we’ve long since stopped wearing or using.

Businesses are in same boat. But instead of recycling old winter coats, companies are rethinking how they handle electronics recycling. Long gone are the days in which it was acceptable to just throw old laptops, monitors, phones and other IT equipment in the dumpster. The passage of stricter disposal laws across the country has resulted in a greener trend for getting rid of old hardware. In order to comply with new regulations, many small businesses have found it’s better to pass on the task to a partner rather than junk their old electronics themselves. Working with a reputable vendor saves you the time of having to research how to properly and securely dispose of e-waste, and an established vendor should be able to perform disposal in an environmentally responsible way – and prove it.

When you’re researching providers, be sure to ask them about the following to make sure that your information will be disposed of securely, in an environmentally sustainable way:

Tip #1: Request curbside service for your used electronics. A have a trusted vendor can make it easy on you; they’ll pick up and transport your outdated electronics to a secure recycling facility. Insist on an IT asset disposition (ITAD) vendor with screened and vetted professionals who can transport your e-waste in dedicated vehicles.

Tip #2: Insist on proof of data erasure. Data breaches don’t just happen onsite. From hospitals to offices, improper disposal of e-waste has contributed to the unnecessary exposure of sensitive information. Team up with a service provider who can certify that they’ve wiped your hardware clean.

Tip #3: Seek the expertise to ensure a green goodbye. According to a recent United Nations report, 41.8 million tons of electronics were thrown out last year. What’s more, many of those devices wound up floating in landfills full of poisonous chemicals. An e-Stewards® Enterprise vendor conducts electronics recycling under the greenest possible conditions, while ensuring that your small business is in compliance with all federal, state and industry regulations regarding e-waste disposal.

Tip #4: Ask about resale options for your “gently used” IT assets. Just because your laptops are old doesn’t mean they don’t have a few good years left in them. An experienced vendor can determine if your electronics are still usable after all your data is deleted, and potentially resell it, creating another revenue stream for your business.

This year, one easy way to keep your resolve to clear out clutter, stay organized and keep your business/customer information secure is to upgrade your IT asset disposition program – and working with an ITAD expert can make sticking with that commitment easier.

What other tips, tricks or hacks do you use to stay on track with your business goals?


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